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The Lord Bless thee, and keep thee,
May the Lord make His face to shine upon thee!
And be gracious unto thee,
be gracious unto thee,
the Lord lift up,
thy countenance and give thee peace!

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I have learned many things along this rocky road called life! The most important thing I've learned is that I needed a Savior long ago! I felt so lost before the Lord found me and I opened up my heart to Him. Many things were coming at me, not the least of which was a voice telling me that my life wasn't worth going on for! When the Lord found me, He saved me from this lying voice! I invited Him into my home and my heart! From then on it's been Him and I in all things. My hope for you is that if you are on that same rocky road that I was on, empty, wondering if it's worth it to go on, you too will invite the Lord to save you. He will show you that your life is worth living for Him!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Are you hungry?

You may think I am asking about your tummies disposition!  Hahah!  Most of the time I am!  But not today! 

Today I would like to encourage you to stay spiritually fed!  It's summertime and our women's studies are on a break as well as some of our normal ministries.  We are busy planning fun times, weddings, vacations, and very busy with summer time ministries like the Harvest Crusade! 

The summertime can be a very fast paced season with lots of fun sprinkled into our lives.  We have the beach to go to, exercise to get and those Disneyland passes to use before our blackout days! 

My question to us is this. "How are we going to stay spiritually fed this summer season?  Do we have a plan ? 
The Lord has laid some suggestions on my heart for all of us!

1.  We must have a plan of action for studying His words to us!  Without a plan we are hit and miss at best!
At the Harvest Bookstore in the very back is a turnstyle with small bible study books on it.  LifeGuide Bible Studies from Intervarsity Press.  They cover many subjects like Character Studies along with just different books of the bible!  These books have kept me going for years!  You read a chapter on the topic you are studying and then you answer questions to get you thinking about what you just read!  It'sjust that simple!  You can go deeper on your own by looking up a word or two in your bible dictionary, therefore getting the deepest meaning and fulness of thoughts to bring understanding to the text!

2.  Listen to bible teachings on the radio.  Of course, KWVE 107.9 is the best.   It's an awesome way to stay full!!

3.   Attend a specialized seminar....like the Truth Project going on at Harvest or buy a dvd set on some biblical topic your interested in!  Your investment will pay you back tenfold as you gain a better understanding of your God or as God uses you to encourage others with the new wisdom you have found!!

4.  Have a prayer partner you can pray with once a week!  Either get together or pray by phone.  There is good fellowship, good sharing, getting things off your chest and up to God's ear!
( Thanks Dana, I truly appreciate our prayer times!! <3)

5.  Read a good daily devotional.  I have not found one better than Streams in the Desert!!  Each days reading is short, yet deeper than deep. You can meditate and chew on it allllll day long.  Each day is an  excerpt from lessons learned by many people over the years! 
If you are feeling spiritually dry, or are in the shadow of the valley of death and you need encouragement to just keep going this is the devotional for you.   Maybe your curious as to what God is upto in the background of your trial?  You will find answers in this devotional.   
There is a sister book to Streams called Springs in the Valley!  Another excellent choice! 

6.  Pray regularly with your own family!  Are your kids home from college for the summer, heading back in the fall?   Please be praying with them for their next school year. Cover all the things that you can with them like their education, how to best deal with teachers and for favor from the teachers, cover them with prayers for safety and wisdom.  How about your younger kids.  They too need prayer for the next school year, for praise and worship and for their little requests.  Remember to have intercessory prayer with your kids for others.  Because it is not always about us!  (just mostly!  hahaha!)

Sweet Blessings of fun and abundance this summer as you play, pray and study with your familes! <3

Luv2u! <3 Monica's Munchies!

Here are some of my favorite pics of my family and fun times!

Melissa and Charlie

May the Lord Bless you with great family time this summer, remember He is a member of your family too, so make time for Him!!

Blessings, Luv2u! <3 Monica's Munchies!

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